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Eden´s Bird

I Love my piece of land!
From behind, I sing for the full mountains,
The birds and the forests.
My delighted feet slide
In the dust of the road
I walk and walk, losing the way
In a fascinating nomadism
It is so difficult to stop!
I love each centimeter of this soil
Each fungus, each insect
Time is a symphony, inviting me to meditate.
This huge land where I was born
Intoxicates my green and grey eyes
Where the most valuable stones live
The sacred tablets of commandments
Teaching how to love each solitaire bird
And to learn with all the other birds
How pleasant it to be with!
I am an open and closing human being
A distressed spark
From which it wants to make a very high fire
By multiplying the coal pieces
By lightening up the lights
Within the soul
Shining until it implodes
As a rare feeling of happiness.
autora: Renata Bomfim
Tradução: Sunny Lóra

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