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Memories from the body

Each body has memory,
Keep remembrances of pains,
Delights, misfortunes, glories.
Each body also has
God and Devil inside.

Long live the body,
Body alive,
Long live because the Death comes!

Each part of the body
Creates a life for itself.
Some hands choose to dig
Searching for gold,
Others hands search for bones.

Feet decide to become one on the way
Other feet have landed property
And reach deep waters.

There are mouths that smiles
Like girls with tresses,
Other mouths become locks,
Wax seals, labyrinth.

The venters pulse and shelter lives
But some less compromised venters
enjoy creating windstorms.

The body always re-invents itself
Even at its last stage
When it decomposes and

It becomes part of something
bigger than itself.
At this moment, the body realizes
Its destiny, the most noble:
It becomes earth!

Autoria: Renata Bomfim
Tradução do poema "Memórias do corpo",
por Michelle Vasconcelos

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