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Unknown Fields

There are landscapes inside me
The Van Gogh ravens
Fly free and noisy
A nostalgia of what wasn’t experienced follow me closely
The rivers, always uncommon to Heraclitus eyes,
are boredom to mine.
There are also, in my border, canyons, mangroves,
Forests and cerrados, where wolfs and their cubs walk
And also other animals.

This space is uncertain, sometimes it frightens me
There are also many crags,
There is a blue sky
There is delight, pain, hunger, sorrow
Sordid stories and books which I don’t attempt to read.

The death, refined lass,
Lives near all my deserts
It’s possible to hear your smile hoarse sound.
As far as the sight can reach
I want to go, and go so far away.
I want to explore this unknown land.
I’m nomad!

About this world I know a little,
Someone says it’s mine, but I doubt it,
I only own the dust of shoes
Which I brought from the lands where I walked.

I count on memory goodwill
That doesn’t make me forget
The happiness neither the misfortune experienced.
Maybe for it or for this,
I’m still here, at this way, dreaming
with the falsehood of the unity.

 "Campos desconhecidos", poema de Renata Bomfim
traduzido para o inglês por Michelle Vasconcelos.

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